New patient?

We are currently accepting new patients. When You live in Voorschoten, You can register by filling in this form

The practice

The practice consist of two family practitioners. Mr. O.C.P. Nijst en Mrs. M.M. Lummen.
Also 2 days a week Mrs. L. Groeneveld, GP, is working in our pratice.

There are also two Physician Assistants. They mainly attends patients with chronic diseases, such as asthma, COPD, cardiovascular problems and diabetes..

Opening hours

morning afternoon evening
Monday 8.00-12.30 13.30-17.00
Tuesday 8.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 18.00-20.00
Wednesday 8.00-12.30 13.30-17.00
Thursday 8.00-12.30 13.30-17.00
Friday 8.00-12.30 13.30-17.00

For an appointment, call us at: 071-5612356 and press 3 for the assistant. Or you can make an appointment Online, click here.

Consults are scheduled for 10 minutes.

In case of emergency

  • In case of an acute emergency call 112, the national emergency line.
  • In case of a less urgent emergency call the practice 071-5612356 and press 1.
  • If a doctor is required during the evening, at night or a weekend contact SHR: 088-4274700

When the practice is closed during regular opening hours, another doctor will be available. Call the practice at 071-5612356 for information. Or click here.

House calls

Housecalls are available for elderly patients or patients too sick to come to the practice. If a housecall is required please call us before 10 o’clock.

Repeat prescription

For repeat prescriptions call the practice and press 2 for the prescription line or make an order online with your pharmacy at Voorschoten, Deltaplein or Hofland.

Prescription line, please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Medicine, dosage and strength

Repeat prescription can be picked up the next day at the pharmacy.

Newly prescribed medicine can normally be picked up at the end of the day at the pharmacy.

If you’d like to see a medical specialist, a referral from a family practitioner is required. We realize that you may not be familiar with the Dutch health system. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us.